Norfishing 2018

Moltech Norway looks forward to meeting old and new customers during the Norfishing Exhibition in Trondheim 21-24 August at Stand G-731.

Moltech will be in the same position as previous years at Norfishing in Trondheim.

New this year:
We will demonstrate the operation of Sonic Kaijo Denki sonars, echosounder and current meter on Vard's SeaQ bridge system.
User gets the desired Kaijo operation unit presented on SeaQ's 12 inch touch screen, which is easily accessible on the armrest.
The same touchscreen is used both as the operation of the Kaijo products and for which screen they are displayed.
From Ixblue we will in addition to Seapix's 3D sonar show
Octans and Quadrans maintenance-free fiber optic gyros with fast startup, high accuracy and data out with pitch / roll / heave.
Among the Koden products, we can mention the IMO-approved GPS / GPS compass KGC-300,
new sector stepping sonar for 8 " seachest, KDS-8000BB and the new series Black Box radars

.Global Eagle's Norwegian department will present VSAT and TV solutions.